Levity: Or How To Try Not To Go Batshit Crazy When You’re In The Hospital With Your Trach’d Baby

Jeff, the Respiratory Therapist, and I have been taking some of the daily turns of phrase here in the PICU and turning them into band names.

Here are some of the best:

Critical Airway
(of course!)

Gentle Beatings
(this is what the RTs do to Ike's chest to help loosen up the junk that accumulates)

Breastmilk Vampire
(hospital grade pumping both blows and sucks)

Smooth Fontanelles
(Bulging Fontanelles doesn't have the same ring to it)

Colace Prayers
(that one you guys helped me with. Yay poop!)

Non-sanctioned Screws
(this one is hard to explain)

In other news, Ike's virus panel came back from wherever it is they send those things. It was negative across the board. No virus. Never had one. How about THAT?

Wanna know what caused all the snot and the coughing and the narrowing of the already narrow airway? Any guesses? Any wagers?

Streptococcus pneumoniae

ding ding ding ding.

It's a common bacteria that causes sinus infections and ear infections and things like that. It is also resistant to a lot of antibiotics, which is why they had him on some hardcore scary stuff.

So it ended up being bacterial after all. Though, really, the infection was only the catalyst. The real trouble seems to be a congenital narrowing of the airway (which was exacerbated by the infection and probably reflux). If we can just get past these heart rate drops and O2 dips, we'll be able to learn more about the narrowing and find out what we can do about it.

This medical stuff is some crazy shit.

That would be a really long band name.

7 thoughts on “Levity: Or How To Try Not To Go Batshit Crazy When You’re In The Hospital With Your Trach’d Baby

  1. For a band name, Critical Airway is a hospital favorite across all of the units.
    I’m glad to hear that Ike is doing well, and that you’re hanging in there.
    Hugs from Ohio!


  2. Is his heart rate effected only by sucking the snot out of his nose? And this is SO far outta left field… but is it effected by eating at all? Just curious… Gluten (via breastmilk even) can make some crazy heart rate stuff occur unexpectedly and seemingly w/o pattern. My heart accelerates after eating gluten. Others can get slower. Anyways, you’re such a strong person. May God continue to strengthen and encourage you and heal little Ike. I’ve never met him, only #1 & #2 (meal drop off days when you lived up north…). Let me know if you need anything delivered to you at the hospital.


  3. Stupid strep infections. Stupid resistant strep infections. I’m glad to hear you guys are hanging in there. I’m praying for you daily!


  4. I’m partial to Non-Sanctioned Screws, that has a ring to it.
    From the medical name, I’m guessing that bacterium is the root of what I’ve had a couple of times, and littlest has had once too as a baby (“walking pneumonia”) and it sucks. Literally, as in breathing feels like I have to suck air from a pump or something. Babe had to be on a nebulizer, me on inhalers and nasty meds. Nooooo fun!
    BUT! Now there is a name to it, and hopefully a treatment plan that will take care of that part toute d’suite so that the narrowing can be figured out.
    Don’t forget you are surrounded with love and hopes!! Take care.


  5. Levi loved those “gentle beatings” when he was in the NICU! And I’ll add that the infectious disease docs at Dell cured him of a 6-month-long MRSA infection, too. I have the utmost faith in that place, and know they will come up with a plan for Ike’s treatment. Hang in there and let me know when the band’s first show is. Thinking of you guys.


  6. I like the Smooth Fontanelles. Sounds kinda doo-wop.
    I think Batshit Crazy might be kind of cool too…maybe a band of sleep-deprived moms?
    Glad you at least have some answers. Tell Ike we are all lovin’ on him over here! 🙂


  7. Yeah, strep pneumo can be brutal. I’m glad they’ve identified the organism and the sensitivities. You should be able to kick it’s ass now.
    I’m also partial to Gentle Beatings (the band name, not personally).
    Thinking of you all.


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