Smart guy

Today is the regional science fair!

The wee one won first place for first grade at his school (tied with a little girl in his class) and so now he gets to hang out with the other smarties at the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair today. His project is "Hive Five Robot Hand." He made this awesome animatronic hand out of drinking straws, string, cardboard and tape. You pull the strings to make the fingers move, and on the straws are little cutouts to make them act as if they have knuckles. It's super cool.

I'm so proud of him!

It stuns me that when I started this blog, he was a tiny dude. I've talked about his diapers and his naps and his learning to talk… and here I am, bragging about his science fair project. How does time do that? It just flits by.

And, yet, while it's flitting by it also seems to stand still.

I know this kind of observation isn't very unique, and it would not win me any accolades at the Regional Science Fair For Exhausted And Nostalgic Mommies, but it's true.

It's hard to know what to do with these normal life kinds of tasks and milestones now that everything is upside down. The wee one also lost his first tooth the other day. I can't think about how much I'm missing by being up at the hospital almost 24 hours a day. I can only hope that the time I do get to spend with the kids is "normal" time. I think "quality" time might alert them to something being really, really wrong, so we'll stick with normal.

Go wee one! Kick some science fair ass!

***** UPDATE *****

First place! Right on, little dude.


10 thoughts on “Smart guy

  1. It is a really cool project and he even figured out how to do the Hook’em Horns with the hand. We are so proud of him.


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