Where is Lt. Tuck Pendleton when you need him?

Something's brewing inside my little Ike-a-saurus, but no one knows what it is.

Today was supposed to be the day he got his trach swapped out for a new one, his sedatives discontinued, and his vent turned way down. By 5 I was going to be holding him in a rocking chair, staring into his deep dark eyes.


The trach was swapped out successfully and the stitches were removed so now he can move and flail and wake up all he wants. Except that as they turned off his sedation, his respiratory rate skyrocketed. And as they fiddled with the vent, his rate stayed high. So back on the sedatives he went. RR still high. Everyone is scratching their heads.

The doctor is pretty convinced there is an infection brewing. A lung thing? Something from the central line? Dunno. And we won't know for 48 hours. He's going back on two different anitbiotics as a precaution until we know more about the cultures.

He was also supposed to have his central line removed today. But now it looks like they're going to take it out and replace it with a PICC line – yet another invasive thing that can introduce infection. And yet, we can't have him being stuck over and over for blood draws… sigh.

I knew the plans for the day were ambitious. I knew not to really expect everything to go 1-2-3. But my heart was set on holding the little guy today. Snuggling him and loving on him and feeling my milk come rushing back.

Two days and we'll know what's going on. Two days. Until then, we wait

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