1 PICC line

2 poopy diapers (1 blowout)

3 traffic citations

As far as Monday goes, it is Ike-a-saurus win, Mommy fail.

5 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. really? you got a traffic citation – i mean 3?? all at one time? did you tell them what you have been through? you dont’ deserve this!


  2. Holy crapazoids…there should be some kind of waiver for you for the traffic citations, considering what is going on. Maybe some AustinMama has some connections…


  3. We were actually in the Intermediate ward of Dell on Sunday night ourselves. Our son was struggling with asthma. We thought about finding you but we were pretty stressed and plus, since our little guy had been sick we did not want to impose any new germs on a tough situation. Those pull out beds are not comfortable… Our wishes and prayers are with you.


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