They are kicking me out

For the next hour and half I'm being booted out of Ike-a-saurus' room so that they can turn it into a sterile mini-OR. They're putting in his PICC line. We were hoping to avoid that, but the doc thinks he might have an infection brewing and wants to get his central line out. So PICC line it is.

He's had a habit of dropping his heartrate this morning, so I'm nervous about them sedating him and putting in this line. I know it's for the best, but that doesn't soothe me.

Little dude, little dude. It's just so much.

12 thoughts on “They are kicking me out

  1. Kari, Hope all is well for Ikeasaurus. Thinking of you guys constantly. Congrats to the wee one on his win–that looks like an awesome project!


  2. Yes, so so so much! For him, and for you. We’re watching, hoping, loving, thinking good thoughts Kari. This little guy is a warrior…thus, Ike-a-saurus is the name he carries. Hang tight…you are loved!


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