It's MRSA.

Am I going to have to get a fucking Segway and drive around this place yelling COME ONE like Gob in Arrested Development? Because seriously.


It's not an active infection or anything (knock on wood), so that's good. It's probably something he's had all along, that the whole family has had. But with the trach and everything they are going to treat it fairly aggressively.

Where is the closet brick wall? I need to bang my head against it.

Or better yet, who can bring a heavy bag to the hospital? Mama needs to punch something.

17 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaand

  1. Well crap. Hopefully, all the aggressive treatment will knock it out and he’ll be back to his little dino self in no time!


  2. MRSA sucks, but now you know. Knowing is always better than not knowing. You can deal with MRSA–it just requires extra attention. With everything else you’ve been through this year, one little mega-bug is not going to take you and Ike down!


  3. UGH! Though I am very much not surprised. There are really only two strains of Staph in Austin… and both are MRSA. While it does suck at least it is doable and they now know “where” the infection was.
    Its time for Suck it 2009 to move on to somewhere else. NOW! That isn’t a request!!!!
    Lots of hugs.


  4. crapola. so sorry. little ike-man will kick MRSA’s ass, i know. thinking of you guys all the time…glad you liked the brownies 🙂


  5. Kari,
    Continuing to send you and little Ike healing thoughts. The amazing amount of strength that your little man has–wow! He must be able to feel everyone’s love for him.


  6. OK, now you know the name of the monster and know how to kick its ass! (Not that I’m very fond of the MRSA beast, it attacked us too a year or so ago. UGH.).
    Wish I still had my Bozo punching bag from when I was little…I used to smack the shit out of it! I would love nothing more than to send it to you!!
    Big fat NON-abx-resistant hugs,


  7. Good gawd.
    Oh, and in the midwest (or my part of it), we pronounce COME ON more like KEEMON! It is the word that starts the best fights. Or completely scares off one’s opponent. Try it out.


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