Aaaaaaanaad Part II: Red Man Boogaloo

It is not an allergy.

It is a "reaction."

To the Vancomycin.

The one drug that can possibly knock out both the resistant Strep Pneumo and the MRSA.

It's called "Red Man Syndrome," and it looks super uncomfortable for poor Ike-a-saurus. All spotty and red, with a red dripping eye and a low-grade fever. Benadryl helps him sleep it off, and they are trying to give him a slower infusion of the drug to try to limit the reaction, but it's still there.

The doctors aren't worried, because I guess this reaction happens to a whole lot of folks, especially kids. But they are still watching closely. Anaphylaxis is the LAST thing he needs with an already narrow airway.

I asked the doc last night why he insisted on discovering/causing things to further kick my family in our collective nuts. I really did say that. He said, "You're not going to go all Thelma and Louise on me now are you?"  Haha. He also threatened to call in a Code Grey for a combative parent. He's a funny guy. I like him. But if he doesn't start giving me some better news I will blow up his big rig. Done and done.

So add this to the list of shit.

You should all start taking wagers about what's going to happen today. My money is on a freak clear-weather tornado, or possibly Poseidon will rise from an unknown underground sea and our ICU room will get flooded. Either way.

7 thoughts on “Aaaaaaanaad Part II: Red Man Boogaloo

  1. This sucks. But … and maybe I’m being too Pollyanna … but I feel the tide turning. It’s not gonna come in. Just have that feeling. Hang in there, Kari.
    P.S. Everytime I type in your URL, it defaults to your post on the wee one’s science fair awesomeness. I love it because it pops up his picture everytime and I get to fantasize about my boys doing something like that some day. You are an amazing parent.


  2. Here’s hoping for some awesome good news today. I don’t want to see you on the news, in front of a smoldering hunk of truck 😉


  3. OK, I am going to visualize for a moment. Ike is two (just barely) and he is throwing a fit and ripping his clothes off and running amok screaming NO NO NO NO! That is my beautiful (serious here) vision for you. IT WILL HAPPEN. Dammit.


  4. I like the visualize thing, so I’m stealing it.
    You are taking Ike to his first day of school. He leaves all of his clothes on, turns looks at you and says “You can go now Mom”. He then turns his little face away when you lean down to kiss him.
    This will happen too.


  5. Here’s my visualization: Ike is three. You finally get him corralled long enough to take a quick shower. You come out of the bathroom to find the dog, the furniture and Ike covered in Vaseline, just because.
    Third children delight in challenging parents. Ike just got started really early.


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