Up and at ’em

Despite the on again off again rash and constantly being messed with, Ike-a-saurus was sprung from his hospital bed today, for a few minutes of R&R with mama.


The on-call doc last night said that this little dude needs some lovin' and mama needs some lovin' so it was officially written down that Ike and I need to spend as much arm-in-arm contact as possible. That doc is a good doc. He really doesn't want me to go crazy.


So Ike and I had some squishy time together this morning. It was very nice.


39 thoughts on “Up and at ’em

  1. That is one BEAUTIFUL boy you have there, and it makes me weepy with joy that you are getting to hold him. THAT is the best medicine in the world, you him and for you.


  2. Man, those pix from you and Steven really made my day. He looks so sweet and patient with all that stuff going on. Tell him Pop says hey!


  3. He has the most beautiful eyes. He is gorgeous. I’m glad you guys had some good snuggle time today. I think the doctor should prescribe that again tomorrow.


  4. Hi fives to the awesome on-call doc who knows what it takes to heal a momma’s heart and a dino’s heart as well. He really does look amazing!!!


  5. SUCH beautiful pictures. Made me tear up. I don’t know how you manage to make me crack up laughing and cry every day, but you do. You are better than Cats.


  6. Oh those cheeks! Nom nom nom!
    I’m so happy you get to love him up! It makes everything just slightly less unbearable. Give him lots of smooches!


  7. Hi Kari. (This is my first post and I haven’t got to meet you yet, but I have been following Ike’s story.) Thank goodness you have a smart doc. Snuggling is the key. Pile on those immunities! Go Ike!!!


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