Information Overlord

They've started bringing me my own chair for rounds. Ha. That's what you get when you've been in the PICU for two weeks, I guess. This afternoon, the Attending even brought me over to the room across the hall where everyone scrutinizes the x-rays. I got an interesting peek at a cat scan that I probably wasn't supposed to see, and then they pulled up two of Ike-a-saurus' chest x-rays so that I could learn how to compare them.

His x-ray from this morning looked terrible. A whole lobe on his left side was hazy. But by this afternoon, it had cleared up considerably. Not completely, but I could see it looked better. They have been doing this IPV treatment today. It's like the CPT gentle beatings, but from the inside out. It looks like they hook up a car battery to his trach and it pounds air into his lungs. Somehow he just sucks his paci and sleeps through it. Then he spends the next few hours barfing mucus. That part is horrible, but I guess it's helping. It is the saddest, weirdest thing to see him cry and not make any noise.

He coughed so hard, he blew the feeding tube out of his nose – all the way up from his small intestine. Poor dude.

This whole hazy lung/barfing mucus extravaganza was not part of the original plan. It is new and disconcerting. They have him on antibiotics to knock it out before it turns into pneumonia, and they seem quite non-panicky about it. But it makes me a little panicky.

Right now he is napping and so maybe I will nap, too. I have no idea if I will go home today to see the kids or not. I want to see them so badly, but I can't leave him all by himself to barf mucus for three hours. The nurses keep an eye on his monitor from outside the room, and it has been looking great today, ironically. So I'm afraid if I leave him he will just sit in here alone, hacking up junk. That's no good at all.

Nap first. Worry about further plans later.

He looks so cute and back to his old self without the tube in his nose. I hate for them to put it back.

10 thoughts on “Information Overlord

  1. If only you could clone you and clone your emotions as well as the body, then you be in two places at the same and feel good about both! Alas. I am sending positive vibes and prayers and whatever else you need for that cloning thing to happen and for Ike to have clear lungs AND no vomit!


  2. Vomiting mucous sounds like = BAD, but the fact that he’s getting it out of his body = GOOD, I’m hoping? Mother Goddess, Kari….let some conclusion and some rest come soon.


  3. Still thinking about you and your precious family. When my son had his tube hanging out of his nose, I always thought it looked like spaghetti – anything for a laugh in the midst of craziness. Hang in there!!!


  4. Sorry, Mama, that barf or rama doesn’t sound fun for either one of you. I’m hoping next week is better than this week, just like this week was better than last week,and that it’s a ateady upward trend. Hugs to you and yours.


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