Shout out

So many blog posts in one day, I know. My husband was here, holding the wee babe for a long long time, and the in-laws have been at home wrangling the other kiddos (who I miss so much it hurts), but it gives me a few minutes to catch up on the blog. These minutes are few and far between these days. The IMC is harder than the ICU for some reason. Maybe because they are aggressively trying to get Ike-a-saurus better enough to go home, and his lungs  and tummy (up yours, Rifampin) are just not cooperating. I don't know.

Despite it all, though, last night, I went out. I didn't feel like going at first. I had to call my best friend and ask her to tell me that it was OK for me to be away from the hospital for several hours. Of course she said yes. And she was kind enough to not say "duh."

So out we went. held a blogging mom's social last night at this bad ass store called I F + D. (Go read the product descriptions – they're great.) It's one of those places that is totally too cool for me. Very neat firniture and wall coverings and accessories. The kind of stuff you buy when you're attractive and single or pretending to be attractive and single. If I had any money, I would buy that stuff and pretend like my suburban house was a fancy downtown loft, and then the kids would spill grape juice on all the new furniture and wall coverings and I would have to pretend like I had splattered wine stains caused by a drunken brawl when one Fancy Visitor started arguing with another Fancy Visitor about the allegory of Edward Albee's play, The Goat.


It was an event for local mom bloggers to meet each other and win raffle prizes and eat good food and listen to a guest speaker (Stephanie Klein of greektragedy), and even bid on a silent auction to benefit Ike, and help us combat some of this shit life keeps throwing our way.

If I am being really honest, I don't think I can classify it as a "fun" time. It was good for me to get out. Wonderful to spend time with friends…. but overwhelming to be out in public in a social setting. It's hard for me to be in social settings under the best of circumstances, so this was a bit of an out of body experience.

My friends and I wore Ike-a-saurus t-shirts (designed by Jenny, made by Amy, and soon to be for sale on Cafe Press) and did our best to socialize. I felt weird being out, downtown, still with the hospital bracelet on. But I'm glad I went. I met some very interesting, generous women – many of whom have equally heart-wrenching stories of health problems with their own children.

It was an impressive display of community that I am still processing. Just like the bake sales and rummage sales and online auctions and everything else that my Mamas are organizing for us…. it is humbling and sobering and unreal and marvelous and shocking and I just don't know what to say about any of it. Except for thank you.

Thank you to everyone.

6 thoughts on “Shout out

  1. Glad you were able to make it to the event! Hoping that the next one will find you in better situation! It was nice meeting you and we are so happy that we were able to help a little.


  2. Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiif…you’re making me tear up, mama. I’m so proud to be a part of this community that’s pulling together for you guys. Can’t wait to get a shirt!


  3. And all day today I kept thinking, “what a dumb ass for saying, ‘how are you’ to Kari.” Sorry about that.
    I also wanted to tell you I was the 3 year old sibling to a medically needy infant and I have lots of fun memories of all the irregular action at our house that came as a result of the mayhem. If that’s worth anything.


  4. it was great to see you out, kari. i can only imagine how difficult it was to be away from ike and to be in a social situation during such a raw, emotional time in your life.
    thank you for providing copies of your book for the raffle…i enjoyed Haiku Mama enormously and am kicking myself for having not bought it a long time ago. i laughed, i nodded my head in agreement, and i drooled for more. i will be buying this book as a gift for every baby shower i attend…it’s a must read for any mama.


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