Teething. What?!

"Is he teething?!" This is the question the nurses and RTs and doctors have started asking when they come to poke at Ike-a-saurus.

I think he is.

He is getting after his thumb and his pacifier and he is fussy and crying. He's not fussy all the time, but there is never a moment that he doesn't have his thumb or his paci in his mouth.

Poor guy.

They are liberal with the Tylenol here, though, and that's good. Plus, I imagine the methodone doesn't hurt, either. Though they have been weaning him from the methodone and I'm afraid that might be happening too quickly. The fussiness, the throwing up… signs of withdrawal from the narcotics… are getting worse.

The night before last, we were moved out of the PICU and into the IMC – an intermediate hallway. Kind of like PICU-lite, or PICU middle school. It was a terrible night. Copious amounts of barf, multiple attempts at putting his feeding tube back in after he retched it out, many x-rays to make sure said tube was placed in the right area (it wasn't the first attempt, ugh), etc. A bad night.

Last night was a little better, but he is still so incredibly fussy. It's not like him. And I know he has a brand-new hole in his throat, and a variety of extracurricular infections going on, but the crying is pretty much non-stop. They even resorted to giving him morphine to see if that would help, and it did a little. So the docs are reevaluating the plan to wean him off the smack. I think slower weaning might help tremendously. I also hope it will help him breastfeed. A calmer baby is much easier to hold to your breast, than one who is screaming (silently because of the trach, so sad a strange), and alternately throwing up.

I don't know what today will bring. I hope we are able to stay in the IMC and not move back to PICU. Forward progress… even small forward progress is a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Teething. What?!

  1. Teething would make perfect sense–because obviously he’s not dealing with enough right now.
    Can you try frozen washcloths? A little like using a watering can on a raging fire, but then again, given all the meds he’s on it’s hard to believe he’s feeling teething pain through them, so who knows, maybe it would do *something*. If nothing else it would be an interesting new experience to occupy his little mind.


  2. This is such a sad post — I feel so bad for you and little Ike. It must be gruesome seeing your little baby suffer so. I imagine he’s screaming because of EVERYTHING, not just teething. I like to imagine that he’s plain mad and a little traumatized. He is amazing and resilient, though, like most babies. Lots of well-wishes and strength and forbearance sent your way…


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