Trach change!

the hole was smiling
a tour of new orifice
has really nice view

Yesterday, my husband and I changed out Ike-a-saurus' trach for the first time. I yanked the sucker out and my husband popped the new one in. In the brief moment the hole was exposed and we got a good look at it, I swear that it smiled at me.

"I am the new orifice that saved your baby!" It said, Naked Lunch-style. "Hello."

"Hello, to you, too," I said. "Thanks for making sure my baby gets oxygen."

"No problem," it replied, oozing a little phlegm. "Sorry about all this shit I keep spewing out."

"Ah well," I answered. "You're a hole. What else are you supposed to do?"

And we all laughed merrily.

Only five more trach changes to go, a lung staph infection to beat, and learning how to nurse again… then we can go home.

5 thoughts on “Trach change!

  1. Just in case you’re wondering, I refresh your page several times a day. I know you’ve got way better things to do than blog, but I for one am thinking about you and am very appreciative of the updates. Continuing best wishes…


  2. Hugs again.
    The first child I ever took care of on my peds rotation in nursing school was a 3 month old with a trach. It was kind of eerie. He would smile and try to coo, and there would be no sound. He would cry, and his face would get really red,but there would be silence.
    He had his trach for nearly a month at that point, and his mom told me she still couldn’t get used to it. They sent him home on an apnea monitor, and that’s how they would know if he was crying at night.
    Don’t know why I told you all of that, I usually just say hugs.


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