5 minutes of happy

A brief moment off the trach collar and without the artificial nose.


And despite 7 (!) self-administered feeding tube removals and 7(!) nurse-administered replacements, he still smiles. With his arms swaddled straight-jacket style, and hard-core steri strips stuck on his face, maybe this one will stay put.

Happy baby boy. He teaches me amazing things everyday. (And not just about NG tube placement.)

I am working on my smile, too.5 minutes of happy

25 thoughts on “5 minutes of happy

  1. Yeah, their resiliency is truly humbling and inspiring, isn’t it? My kids amaze me every day with what they were able to endure and still end up happy, smiling, trusting individuals who ultimately believe the world is a good and safe place. It’s what keeps me going so many days!
    He is beautiful.


  2. THAT smile makes it all so worth it. So beautiful and genuine. Makes the heart just melt and the sniffles come…


  3. he is so adorable! what a priceless picture. little ones can teach us so much about life and dealing with things. when my older son was 7 months old he had to have an MRI and it took about 4 hours and many many attempts to get an IV in his little tiny veins in his little chunky body for the anesthesia. yet every time someone walked in to stab and prick him to try and get that IV in, he would just smile at them. it just broke my heart and that was only one day–so i can only imagine how you must feel. i think a lot of times, it is much harder on us than it is on our children. thanks for sharing such a precious picture of your little guy.


  4. I’ve been following for a long time, but I think this is my first comment. He is SUCH a cute baby. My daughter had an ng tube for 10 months, and we found that it was key not to have any bit of uncovered tube between the nose and the start of the tape. Placing that tube was no fun for either of us!


  5. i can’t take the cuteness and happiness he exudes. i hope those sweet smiles rub off on you and give you strength. still cheering you guys on from the side lines…


  6. Thanks for the photos and your updates. It is wonderful to see him smile. We are all learning from you, Ike and the rest of the family and the community — about the power of patience, love, spirituality and commitment. The community support is awesome. It reminds me of where your in-laws grew up. Nice to know places like that still exist. Hang in there. We love you.


  7. I’ve been following your story and thinking you every day. Ike’s smile here melted my heart! What a beautiful, beautiful boy.


  8. That smile is contagious! It’s amazing how resilient these little guys can be. Hang in there mama!!! Noah and I are praying for both of you.


  9. I just now found your site and I cannot get over how overwhemingly adorable/precious/thoroughly beautiful Ike is. His attitude and bravery makes me ache. To his great advantage, your family must be overflowing with pure Love. What a wonderful man he’ll grow to be!


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