spaghetti noodle boobie tubes

I don't smell that great
am covered in stinky milk
good problem to have

The doctors here on the regular floor are obsessed with Ike-a-saurus getting fortified breastmilk. Because he was a preemie they want him to have extra calories. And, initially, instead of listening to me, they were filling his belly with formula-fortified expressed breastmilk, via gavage through his nose, all night long. They wanted me to give him bottles at night, even after I explained he is not so much a fan of bottles, even less a fan of the gnarly Neosure formula they're fortifying the ebm with, and even less of a fan of being woken up and force fed. So when he refused the bottles – like I knew he would, everyone freaked and put the tube back down his nose. Actually, I got to drop the tube, in case he has to come home with it.

Ever done that? Ever snaked a tube down your infant's nose and into his stomach? Not fun.

So last night I said no tube. I asked them to give me a chance to breastfeed at night like we do at home. They could measure his weight in the morning and see if there was any big deal. They said OK to the no tube, but they still wanted me to do the fortified bottles despite my protests.

Well, we tried. A kick ass nurse got us a bed to share, so that helped with the breastfeeding, but because of doctor's orders (so many different doctors with different orders here – ugh), the night nurse had to wake us up every two and a half hours so that I could try to get my sleeping infant to take a bottle of fortified milk. Milk that he hates even when awake and starving. That was fun. And – surprise – he lost a little bit of weight. Maybe because after being constantly woken up he was too tired to eat. Sigh.

I also tried a supplemental nursing system, which was hilarious and messy and worked fairly well – but I tested it with non-fortified pumped milk because I didn't want him to suddenly start associating the yucky milk with my boobs. That would cause a whole new world of terrible.

They are going to make us bring him home with the NG tube I think. And that makes me crazy. This whole milk fortifying thing doesn't even have anything to do with the trach, it's just because he was a preemie. We've been going through this since the NICU – where they gave him my hindmilk instead of fortified milk because he tolerated it better.He has always followed his own curve with his weight gain – a curve that has pleased his pediatrician and never caused a problem. I would also like to ntoe that even though he has lost negligible amounts of weight pver the past three nights, he still WEIGHS MORE than he did when he came to the hospital. So there's that.

I could go on and on ranting and raving about this, but the more worked up I get, the sillier I feel. This is a problem I want to have. This is a problem I would have climbed mountains for 22 days ago when he was sedated and paralyzed in the ICU, with an extremely critical airway and plummeting vital signs.

This is a good problem to have. It is a welcome problem. I still want to punch some people in the face, but that's OK. I think for the next, well, forever, I might have some short-tempered anger issues to go along with my PTSD and anxiety. I will worry about that all later. Right now I need to worry about filling a tiny belly with as much mommy milk as it can take. I also have to worry about making enough milk to do that. (The domperidone seems to be helping, by the way.)

Having well-meaning doctors turn every night into an Amazing Race eating challenge for Ike-a-saurus is my main worry, though. Gonna have to get them to stop that. Otherwise I might jump on the them, put a trach in their throats, force feed them Neosure and see how much THEY like it.

11 thoughts on “spaghetti noodle boobie tubes

  1. “domperidone” makes me think of Dom Perignon. Et vous?
    What happens if you tell them you aren’t going to do that every two hours thing?


  2. Ah, the SNS. I got to use one of those with Ryan because he wouldn’t nurse well at first. So thrilling!
    I hope those doctors quit messing with the booby. Don’t they know breast is best?


  3. Oh the SNS, AKA PITA. We had to weigh our little dude sans diaper, or as my MIL says “nekid”, then feed, then weigh “nekid” again to see how much grub he was getting and to get the med staff to let me feed him without the friggin formula in the SNS. It took a string of 4 feedings before they left us to our devices. Sheesh. Hope they decide to let you take the lead on this.


  4. I imagine you could tell those doctors (are they all male?) where to stick the tube. As for the tube at home, phooey on that. I’ll bet he’ll gain weight once he’s comfy again. Go Ike go!


  5. And PS! Now I am worked up on your behalf. All the fighting Ike is doing against being force fed the yucky stuff and bottles is burning calories and causing him to lose weight. Tell them to stick that in their pipes and smoke it! Nonetheless, I am glad you are finally dealing with a good problem!


  6. What is it with doctors and supplementing? And the waking up every two hours is nuts–people need to eat AND sleep in order to get better.
    As I’ve said before, you know your baby the best–why can’t they just listen to you? Hope you are able to get him home soon and get some sanity back!


  7. And PS. Now I’m all worked up on your behalf. Ike’s resistance to the yucky stuff and the bottles is burning calories and aiding in the weight loss. Tell them to put that in their pipes and smoke it! So glad you have a good problem to contend with now though.


  8. SNS, *groan*…. both my girls were preemies, and neither could latch well. With my first I did the SNS, finger feeding, nipple shields, and all kinds of awkward stuff before I declared a stop to it all. I would pump and bottle feed. We would do 3 hour feedings with breast milk, but we would do them my way. No more screaming child at my breast. The breast feeding consultant told me it wouldn’t work, that I would need nipple contact to maintain supply, but I pumped for 10 months and never, ever had a supply problem. With my second preemie, I played by my own rules from the beginning.
    These professionals.. they try. They really do, but they don’t seem to understand that their rules are based on averages, and we are not average. We are individual, and need our own ways.
    Hang in there! I am so very, very glad that Ike is doing so much better.


  9. I’m so happy to “hear” about your problem! I hate to admit it, but I stalk your page for Ike-updates. I’m so glad things are going well.


  10. Add me to those whacking my head against the wall with doctors who don’t get it especially in relation to breastfeeding. Oy. Here’s hoping someone clues in soon.


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