We’re going home!

My amazing husband stayed calm and professional and totally side-stepped case management. All day on the phone and he did it.

We have the equipment. We have the training. We have the sleepy baby. We are almost out the door. And we didn't have to do it AMA.

How many days has it been? 25?
And this party is just starting.

Still no solution to the problem. Still no answers for the months ahead. But for now, we're going home.

We'll be back in two weeks for another bronchoscopy. But for now we're going home.



30 thoughts on “We’re going home!

  1. Maybe you should hire out your amazing husband to frustrated folks dealing with medical issues… I’d pay big money for that!
    YEAH for homecomings!


  2. True, it’s just the beginning of a whole new journey. Somehow it’s always easier to handle from outside the hospital than inside.
    Here is hoping for some clear answers and a clear direction for baby Ike in the upcoming weeks and months.


  3. HOOOOOOOMMME! What sweet relief to have all your lovely wee ones under one roof. I know it will be a challenge but even one night without hospital buzz should be nirvana. Good luck – when can we shower you with food??


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