Homecoming haiku

Buckled into seat
Riding home on a sunbeam?
Cam’ra so hopeful

Don’t tell insurance
No coverage for sunbeams
Only pay for rain

Next stop the sofa
Amenities included
Free entertainment

An analog guage
Meaures how much to suck it
You’re next, universeHomecoming haiku

26 thoughts on “Homecoming haiku

  1. What an amazing pic! I’m so happy to see the Ikeasaurus (initially I read that as the store in Round Rock) has been sprung from Insurance Jail.


  2. I’m so happy to see him bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and in his car seat. Here’s wishing you lots of peaceful days ahead to rest and recuperate.


  3. He looks so happy to be sprung. And kind of like he may be starting to give the Case Manager Who Deserves a Punch in the Nose a one finger salute.


  4. Ike looks so healthy and strong! Prayers have definitely been answered for your family. I’m so glad to see his wonderful smile again.


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