in case you were wondering

marble in PC
forced into DVD slot
causes much trouble

In a brief moment of foreshadowing a few weeks ago, (or frosadowing as I originally typed because I can't type anymore), after many thwarted attempts to get the Wii working, I plucked a small cardstock-ish piece of paper from the Wii disk drive. It was a game piece from a Sonic kids' meal. Hmmm. Luckily, once the paper was removed the Wii was back to normal. Whew!

In a "hindsight is 20-20" moment, I should have remembered this quaint moment of problem-solving when, two days ago, the family computer completely crapped out.

Having a crapped out family computer does not make it very easy to, oh, search for a job, or access insurance information. Sure, both of these things can be accomplished on your wife's laptop, but there is a lot of ensuing "grouchiness" and not a lot of "sharing."


Today was the day my husband hunkered down to figure out what the hell is wrong with the computer. Much cursing. Much muttering. Much irritated shouting of "BITE ME" to the HP voice prompts on the customer service phone line.

After hours of This Is Not Cool! and What The Fuck Is Wrong With This Thing! the DVD drive spontaneously popped open. Inside was one light green marble.

A marble that had apparently been making its way through the guts of the computer Mousetrap-style, banging into components and bouncing on the hard drive.

In a shocking turn of events, unknown to the Haiku of the Day household, instead of the computer being completely toast after having eaten all of our personal documents – it is still under warranty! A new hard drive is on its way to the house! The info on the old hard drive is supposedly backed up to the gigantor external hard drive, so that nothing is technically lost!


We'll see about that, but still. The marble did not beat us. It did not.

Do you hear me, Light Green Marble? WE ARE NOT BEATEN.


3 thoughts on “in case you were wondering

  1. Take that universe!!! Hmmmmm, a light GREEN marble on St. Patrick’s day? Could it perhaps be the work of a leprechaun????…


  2. you should get someone to drill a hole in Light Green Marble and wear it around your neck. (note: you should not drill that hole yourself)


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