The Man Who Didn’t Wear No Pants

Oh, Oklabama
where have all your pants gone to?
lucky it's so hot

"I waved at the Truck Man," the wee-er one told me. "He didn't have on no pants."

Oh, shit.


I mean, that's an "oh, shit!" kind of thing to hear from your kid, even if your kid is known for saying things like, "I pooped in your computer," when she clearly did not. Or "I got strucked by lightning," when she clearly did not.

Luckily, I happened to see the man in question, as he rounded the corner in his truck. It was the UPS man and he was wearing shorts.

The confusing thing is that usually the wee-er one calls the UPS man Oklabama (it seems there was a lot of UT-OU football talk around here at the same time there was a lot of Obama talk – October – and the wires crossed and melded in the wee-er one's brain).

If she would have said, "Oklabama didn't have on no pants," I would have totally understood what she meant. Totally.

Next up on the teaching list for 2 1/2 year olds – shorts are still technically pants, and not all attractive black men are named Obama. (side note: she was very excited to watch the NCAA tournament this weekend. So many Obamas, so little time.)

See what slides when you are too busy with your trach baby? Don't trach babies realize how important pants and race relations are? Man.

3 thoughts on “The Man Who Didn’t Wear No Pants

  1. The seven-year-old in our house still calls “no pants” his “short sleeve pants” and the eight-year-old can’t remember the word for tights. Doesn’t every girl call them “sockpants?”


  2. This post cracked me up! Thanks for sharing. This fall, someone thought my 2 year old was really political because he kept yelling “Yes, We Can!” I felt bad when I told her that he was just a Bob the Builder fan.


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