Big time baby… Big-time, baby!

Ike hits the big time
reaching new infant milestones
and the New York Times

Big Time news: Ike is in the New York Times!
(You will have to register, but it's free and it's a great article.)

Ron Lieber has a very touching article up about how people can help
their friends when Bad Shit Happens. Our part of the story talks of our
amazing community – all of you out there – reading, helping, praying,
knitting, sending out those vibes to the Universe, donating, thinking good
thoughts, making us good food… It's about how grateful and
overwhelmed we are for all of the money and support, even if we are
still processing everything.

Good job, you guys. You're all so amazing!

And in other Big Time news, we passed our first Not Freaking Out And Rushing To The ER milestone last night by performing an emergency trach change at 2:30 am.

I am not sure they make
a Hallmark card for that, but if they did, and it was online, it would be a screaming banshee one.

Last night was one of those nights. We narrowly escaped an ER trip when Ike-a-saurus started having trouble breathing. I had to pull out the O2 tank – something I've not had to do since he's been home from the hospital.

There was lots of back and forth on the phone with the pediatrician's office, lots of trial and error (is the machine working? Is the sensor working? Try it on your own thumb. Try it on his other foot. Change his position, count his respirations, etc.).

I just didn't understand why all of the sudden his o2 saturation level would go dangerously low while he'd been having such a good night. So I dragged out the effing heavy oxygen cylinder, hooked up the tube to an artificial nose thing, snapped the nose onto the trach and ta da! His o2 sat level shot up to 99 (from previously hovering around 84). That's when I knew (duh) something wasn't right.

Woke up my husband, started packing all of the fourteen million billion bags we need to go anywhere, especially the ER, and then we had a brain wave – why not change out the trach? They hammer this into you before you leave the hospital – always change the trach if suctioning doesn't help him breathe. Always change out the trach first if he's struggling. Always change out the trach. Always change out the trach.

So we did.

And his o2 went up to 95 with no oxygen. Whew! I guess there must have been some kind of mucus plug or other gross thing gumming up the works in there. Poor dude.

It's not so easy to be a mom and a nurse-ish-type-person at the same time. The mom part is yelling "Go to the ER!" but then the other side of the mom part yells, "Wait! There are GERMS at the ER!" then the nurse-ish-type-person parts says, "What can we logically fix here while remaining calm?" And the mom parts beat up the nurse part and there is riot in my brain worthy of Napoleonic models at a Tyra Banks audition.


We made it through the night by staying (relatively) calm, not running to the hospital to catch more MRSA and/or an Ebola varient, and by having a good game plan in place. Now it is another night, potentially full of other exciting thrills and chills, but hopefully tonight's thrills and chills will be related to the NYT article. I really, really want to be able to read the article, eat Little Debbie snack cakes, read my email, kiss Ike-a-saurus over and over and fall asleep with my computer on my lap.

That is my plan.

Don't mess with my plan, Universe.

Otherwise, I will send my mamas after you. And they will kick your ass so bad you will come crying back to me and I will ignore you. You will tap me on the shoulder and try to give me flowers and I will still ignore you. Then finally, Universe, FINALLY, you will apologize for ALL OF THIS SHIT and you will give me a margarita and a money tree and a healthy baby and clear skin and we will be almost even.


9 thoughts on “Big time baby… Big-time, baby!

  1. Note: My frying pan (personal “Universe butt-kicking weapon” of choice) is ready to go. And if that’s not enough I do a wicked Mama Stare that makes big tough guys wanna run and hide.
    You let me know when and where! 😉


  2. Great article–and it’s so cool to see you guys on there! I’m excited they put Ike’s website in it, too. (And for the record–I think all of us would sanction you using that money on pretty much anything you felt you needed, including relaxation-inducing margaritas. Lord knows you deserve it.)


  3. I would be disappointed if you didn’t buy a double with a little bit of it.
    Sometimes you just have to let the universe love you. It’s tough, and overwhelming, but you’ll be able to pass the strength that you have gained on to someone else that desperately needs it.


  4. I have been following your blog for a bit and finally decided to delurk… I am just amazed at all you have gone through and are still pushing forward with. You’re doing an amazing job for your Ike-a-saurus, he’s lucky to have you.


  5. Glad the world is getting to see what an amazingly cute little guy Ike is – loved how he was playing with his tube in the picture. I think you should spend the money on anything that keeps you sane and happy until the karmic wheel rolls into “Happily Ever After” for you guys. If happiness is found in buying (or subscribing) to trashy celebrity mags or drinking coffee during an occasional child-free hour in a cafe (like me), then go for it!


  6. I second what Alison said.
    And you need to frame that NY Times article and keep it forever. How frickin’ cool is that?
    I will also sign up to kick the universe’s ass for you. Where does the line start?


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