What is the DEAL with these trach babies?

night out on the town
not sure if we will make it
it's worth a shot, though

Some friends of ours have given me and my husband free tickets to the Seinfeld show tomorrow night (well, technically tonight).

What the what?! We are very excited, though disbelieving, to have a night out. There is a nurse coming to watch Ike-a-saurus, and our in-laws are in town to watch the wee one and wee-er one. We might actually swing this thing!

So now the big trick is finding something to wear that a) consists of clothes other than pajama pants and t-shirts b) fits and c) actually exists. A fun problem to have. Somewhere in the back of my closet I might have a skirt or something. I will have to dig up a miner's helmet to find it, but I'll do it. (And how sad is it that I can probably find a miner's hat more easily than I can find a skirt?)

I wonder if it is acceptable to tailgate for Seinfeld? Or maybe just drink a six-pack in the car before the show. Super classy, right? Well, we have a limited time out of the house, so we're going to have to cut some corners and make the best of it. Maybe I can rig up a camelback of margaritas. Classy and fashionable! Two birds. One stone. Thank goodness my brain is always working.

8 thoughts on “What is the DEAL with these trach babies?

  1. Camelback of Margaritas! That is a business venture if I’ve ever heard one. You can work the parking lot at three or four UT home games and take the rest of the year off!


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