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Hey! I keep forgetting to tell everyone this. I have a piece coming out in the June edition of Parents Magazine! (At least it's on target for the June edition…)

It's a short, funny little thing about, well, giant postpartum butts. For real. So keep an eye out, uh, so to speak.

June is also the month Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel launches. I'll keep you updated on any happenings if and when they materialize. The K.A. Holt website should be up soon (maybe even tonight). I'll let you know when I get my act together.

And speaking of acts – Seinfeld was great last night. He is so wonderful at taking everyday things and making them funny. I wish I could quote his bits word-for-word to make you laugh, but my brain is shot. I can tell you there was a thing about Scotch tape that made me make a little cat-hacking noise I was laughing so hard. I know that's not a very helpful description for you, but just know, Seinfeld = funny, even when he isn't fighting with George.

This is kind of a housekeeping post, isn't it? Huh. I haven't done one of those in a really long time. Forgive me.

Is there anything else? Questions from the audience?

I am going to go wrestle with this mystifying FTP thing now. I'm sure you are glued to your seat at this news.

7 thoughts on “junejunejunejune

  1. Ike seems to be feeling OK (when we remember to give him his Reglan, at least). He’s smiley and happy and poopy and trach-y.
    Not a lot of sleep over here. We have developed a system where my husband sleeps from 10pm-4am and I stay up til 4am. Then I go to bed around 4:30 and get up at 11 – that sounds like a lot of sleep, but I have to get up to pump at least once. Ugh.
    Not the best system, but better than the free-for-all we had going on before.
    At least the kids are well-rested.
    And energetic.


  2. Not a question: I love your Phil Spector avatar on Twitter. I used that as my personal photo on MySpace back in the day. 🙂


  3. Glad he seems to be feeling OK, Kari. I too am a slave to the pump for the second time around. I’m looking forward to taking a baseball bat to it one day.


  4. So did you find yourself wishing (during the Seinfeld show) that you could have slipped him your a synopsis of your current (ahem) “adventures” to hear his humorous take on them?
    Sometimes, when the crap only piles up and never seems to go away, I find myself wishing that I could hear a comic’s view of it all.


  5. It’s really good to read a housekeeping post. It makes me feel like things are steadying off for you all.


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