Rockin’ the local news

on the news tonight
the whole family is there
special guest: bra strap!

7 thoughts on “Rockin’ the local news

  1. WHOA!!! Holy cow, that’s awesome! I got so involved I forgot to look for your bra strap! And I’ll bet other people did too.
    You better not let me in if I drop off food because I will eat your baby. He is TOO CUTE!!


  2. How cool will it be for him to see that footage when he’s a gazillionaire and running the world? Humble beginnings and all that.


  3. Oh my goodness, I’m totally crying over here. What a fantastic segment. I am SO MAD they didn’t drop a hint as to what your husband does so someone might hear it and think, “Hey, I could use him!” I’m praying someone gets a nudge to go to the website and check out his resume….
    And how in the world does Ike stay so happy?! I think I’ve seen maybe one picture of him awake and not smiling. LOVE him. Would also eat him up if I met him. Beware stranger at the door with California license plated-car bearing mama-distracting ‘ritas and cookies….


  4. that was very very cool – it’s great that we can be so far away and still see it.. thanks for posting the link.
    Always thinking about you guys!


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