uglying things up around here

old lady's cat house
filled with detritus and junk
new goal for my blog

In an effort to become the online version of a scary packrat cramming 16,000 magazines, leftover toilet paper rolls, some gum wrappers, a Ken doll head or two, and a bowl of soldered together ribbon candy together into one 10'x10' windowless room, I have added more shit to my sidebar!

If you kindly glance to your left you will see a Twitter thing. Now you can be apprised of my every thought all day and all night. Why am I doing such a thing?

Because you asked for it!

Well, no. No you didn't. But I am doing it anyway.

Might as well shoot for the Ugliest, Slowest Loading Blog Ever award, right? A girl's gotta have dreams. A girl's gotta have goals.

There is a chance this new ugliness might push me over into the realm of possibly thinking my husband might be onto something when he repeatedly suggests migrating everything over to WordPress. Possibly.

But like that crazy packrat lady, I am askeerd of change, and I don't have enough boxes to put all this shit in. So I'm just going to keep uglying it up, up in here.

One day, I will give in, and you will all hate me because I'm beautiful. Then Hugh Grant will cheat on me with a transsexual. But I will still have shiny hair and I won't care at all.

What am I talking about? Why does tired make me drunk and drunk make me tired? There really is no justice.

2 thoughts on “uglying things up around here

  1. mama – i love your blog šŸ™‚
    it makes me happy & reminds me to find the simple joy in my own surliness.
    and dang that baby of yours is cute cute cute.
    sorry you are punch drunk tired šŸ™‚
    there will be brighter days..or at least a few with more sleep ahead.I’m sure of it.


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