Casting about

scattering the eggs
important to remember
keep them off the stairs

I am haphazardly tossing eggs around right now, struggling with the Easter conundrum we all face at some point: do the kids enjoy it more when the eggs are hidden really well and they have to search for them, or is it more fun to just run screaming around the house, grabbing eggs off the floor and the sofa willy nilly?

I am pretending that I am not currently petrified that Ike-a-saurus is coming down with the cold the kids have. He has been coughing loogies out of the trach (yummy image, I know), and as he's sleeping, I can hear the congestion. He always sounds congested at night, though, so it's hard for me to tell if this is normal night stuff or if it's worse. It does not sound great, I can tell you that. It is, in fact, really freaking me out.

But I have eggs and baskets to distract me. I've stuffed the plastic eggs with peeps, a bit of candy and some coins. Now I'm finishing up the last of them with some trail mix. The wee one may totally bust me on the trail mix, though. He'll know it's the same kind from the pantry.  Hmmm.

Maybe the gnawed on carrot will distract him. He actually woke up a little while ago to remind me not to forget to leave a carrot out for the Easter bunny. Bunnies get hungry, you know? He also asked if the Easter bunny just lifts up the roof of the house and drops the eggs in. This gives you an idea of my egg hiding ability.

Earlier today, thanks to some reminding from my mom (I barely even remembered it was almost Easter), the kids and I decorated a pretty kick ass bunny cake. they then proceeded to try and cover said cake with boogers and germs.

If I filled all the eggs with boogers, they would probably be quite pleased, as that seems to be the only thing either one of them want to eat lately, anyway.

Speaking of boogers, time to suction Ike-a-saurus and fend off this panic attack. Also time to finish up the eggs and not step on any of them and break my leg in the process.

It's tricky being a mom. I think there is probably a sage metaphor in preparing eggs, tossing them about, and then trying not to break your neck because of them, but I'm too tired to figure it out.

This time last year I never would have guessed we'd be having Easter with a suction pump. Never in a million years. but that's how it goes, right?

Oh, he better not be sick. He really, really, better not be sick.

2 thoughts on “Casting about

  1. sweet cake! sweeter kids….
    fingers crossed for the ikeasaurus and lets all hope that everyone awakes magically healed by the magic powers of… hmmm. easter! or chocolate.
    hugs to you.


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