Gonna spend the night

Well, we’re going to hang out here tonight. The ER doc left it up to us, because we know Ike and what his baselines are and all of that.

My mommy instinct says to stay for observation, so that’s what we’re doing. The last time my mommy instinct said that, he ended up being bagged in a hallway. So scary, but the instinct was on target.

Hopefully, tonight will be OK. No bagging in the hallway. No changing colors.

He’s grouchy but still trying to smile when he can. He’s sleeping right now.

Poor dude.Gonna spend the night

11 thoughts on “Gonna spend the night

  1. Lots and lots of prayers going up for you guys…I hope it is just a routine night and that he is doing just fine in the AM.


  2. Stick with that instinct. Good on you, mama. Sweet dreams to Ike and I hope you get some sleep too. Good mojo, juju and all that going your way.


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