Purple for Maddie

My thoughts are with the Spohr family today.
Http://amomtwoboys.com has the details.
We are heading to the ped and probably back to Dell with Ike. He is on o2 in the car with me right now.
I am just so sad and angry with the world today.

8 thoughts on “Purple for Maddie

  1. Kari, you can do this. Ike can do this. You will beat this horrible, nasty, uglyness into the ground. You will beat on it, and stomp on it with big and small feet and when this is all done you will all walk away strong and healthy and invincible. You WILL do this.


  2. We love you Kari. Just know the mamas are around you and holding you up and giving you the strength you and Ike need.


  3. Keep hanging in there. I know this must suck in ways none of us can even imagine, but please know you aren’t all alone in the journey. There are many of us out here praying, wishing, hoping, cajoling and cursing the Universe along side you.
    (I also just wanted to mention that hearing about tragic and unrelentingly sad- and heck, just the “wrongness” and “unfairness” of some losses, can strike pain and fear deep in our hearts (and made me cry for those parents). But there are so many instances of wonderful recovery and growing up strong and happy too. This will be Ike’s joyful story. And we’ll all be a little stronger, more loving and more compassionate for having “walked” with you both for a while.
    So, know that there’s lots of love coming your way, (and if you can get anything down, strike back at that fear in your belly with a doughnut). Above all, take care of yourself. Ike and your family need you. And we all like your writing.
    (Sorry about the novel of a comment.)


  4. good thoughts and hugs. i’ll talk to my people and see what we can do about the universe.
    ya. right. 2 things i’d fix?
    1) ike
    2) maddie
    thinking of you guys!


  5. know it doesn’t help, but wanted you to know i am thinking about you and ike today. sending lots of extra prayers your way. wish i could do more.


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