The post I was writing on Easter before we went to the ER

stick with tradition
Easter meal shenanigans
not my fault this year

You may remember the Easter when I blew up the roasting pan:


Well, this Easter, my husband and mom endeavored to beat me at my game – by blowing up the whole house!

I woke up, took a shower, stepped out of my glass enclosure and WHAM, I was knocked over by the smell of gas. Not normal bathroom gas, big time natural gas gas.

And in a show of just how crazy technologically savvy I am, I texted my husband form the bathroom "I smell gas." this gave me time to dry off, while hopefully preventing the destruction of us all.

He texted back, "How do you fucking do that?" because I have a Super Nose and can smell things like gas, upstairs, locked in a bathroom on the other side of the house, whereas he can be standing directly above the unlit burner for two hours, and not notice a weird smell at all.

Yay, Super Nose!

the house did not burn down this Easter. At least not yet.

2 thoughts on “The post I was writing on Easter before we went to the ER

  1. I’m not sure if it’s more scary that you smelled the gas, or more scary that you actually take your cell phone with you into the bathroom…


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