5 years

can you believe it?
I really am an old fart
blogging for five years!

I just realized that in March, Haikuoftheday celebrated its 5-year anniversary. Can you believe that? Five years?! Five years!

I am stunned, and a little bummed I missed the actual anniversary. Oh well. I have a good excuse, right?

What started out as a jokey thing on Livejournal (note how my early posts make me sound like a real asshole), morphed into a weird duel blog thing with a Livejournal and a Blogger blog. Once I started figuring things out, Haikuofheday settled into it's squishy, ugly, but very comfy Typepad incarnation that we have here.

In my very first blog post ever, I swore that I didn't really "plan to fill the world in on all of my itches and sneezes and cramps, etc."

Look how well I followed through with that!

If it wasn't for posting about itches and sneezes and cramps I wouldn't have the friends I have today. I wouldn't be surrounded with an incredible community of loving and like-minded mamas (bear with me, Token Conservative), and I wouldn't have made it through even half of the drama that unfolded in my life during these past five years.

I see fancy mommy bloggers with fancy blogs and thousands of readers, and I wonder how I missed that. Then I remember that for some reason I turned down the Club Mom and BlogHer invites. I've stayed indie while everyone else has gone Pearl Jam. It makes me wonder how things could be different. But to be honest, I like the homey feel we have going on here. I like the intimate crew of all 6 of my readers. It's a nice place, this world of Haikuoftheday.

Truly, I love blogging so much, I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant. (oh, 30 Rock, I want to get you pregnant behind a middle school, too)

So what do we do to celebrate the (slightly belated) big 0-5?

Add some rainbows and unicorns, of course!

We need a party up in here!

Click the shit out of that Cornify button over there on the left sidebar, while you eat some cake and toot a horn. It will make some magic happen (the clicking, not the tooting). But just so you know, I don't know how to make the magic go away, so you'll have to close the page and reopen it after you play around. Unless you can figure out how the shit works – then huzzah!

Happy anniversay, my haiku friends.

I'm going to go take a nap.

16 thoughts on “5 years

  1. Congrats on 5 great years of making us laugh and cry with your wit, humor, and life’s rollercoaster rides. Here’s to 5 more years! And thank you for not ever banning me from posting on your site.


  2. Oh MY! That cornification button has the potential of being banned by the Geneva Convention. It really is somewhere between torture and delight.
    Woh. So many unicorns.. so little space.. and they Sparkle!
    I might have to push that button some more….


  3. happy 5! being 5 was fun… i guess you have an excuse to be a 5 year old any time now?! sounds fair to me. I might have to have a little drinky today on your behalf. i mean, come on – 5 is huge!?
    congrats, hugs and cheers!


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