Mad auction props

mamas in action
sheer force of will sustains us
helps us to stay strong

I've talked about the mamas before. They've been taking care of me and family for almost a year now – bringing us meals, helping out with the wee one and the wee-er one, worrying, wishing, praying, cheering, crying, laughing and propping us up emotionally, physically, even financially as of late.

I get kind of emotional thinking about everything they've done for us, so selflessly and for so long. My mamas are proof that it takes a village. It really, really does.

And now they're at it again. They have organized a truly kick ass online auction to help us out. People from all over the world have donated items! A flat in Cambridge for a week, a vacation to Cancun, a stay at a Telluride condo (complete with oxygen bar), wonderful gorgeous crafty things, tutoring, baby stuff, photography, jewelry, and just tons more. It's amazing. Humbling. Wonderful.

There's also going to be a live auction here in Austin, on May 2nd. You can go here to learn more about there wheres and whens. If we can wrangle a nurse to come to the house, maybe my husband and I will get to go, too. Woo!

Also, if you have a hankering to design a t-shirt, the Ike-a-saurus team could use your creative prowess. More about that, here.

I feel a little weird writing about this on my blog because I don't want to seem like we are begging for help. It's still hard for me to admit that we need help at all, even though I know we do. Everyday, my husband and I just shake our heads and stare at each other wide-eyed in disbelief that we are so fortunate to have the community surround us like this. It is an amazing thing, and the mamas need full props.

Please, if you have a chance, visit the auction. Take a look at the amazing things everyone has donated, and the incredible amount of work that has gone into organizing everything. From writing up descriptions, to data entry, to taking photos… everything. The amount of work is staggering.

The work that has gone into the bake sales, and the rummage sale, keeping the Ike-a-saurus website up and running, the facebook group hopping – the sheer amount of energy produced by these women could – and does! – power a city.

It powers a family, too. And we will be forever, deeply, humbly, grateful.

4 thoughts on “Mad auction props

  1. I think part of the beauty of the mama village started with Kim Lane’s creation of Austin Mamas so many years ago. And from there…the rest of the amazing story continuously unfolds.


  2. Some day, you will be able to share the strength that you have gained from all of your Mamas around the world. You’ll find someone that needs help but would never, ever ask and you’ll be able to jump in and love her and fix whatever you can. And that’s how the love continues from us to you to someone that you might not even know yet.
    Be loved. And then share the love. You’ll know when and how when the time comes.


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