mark your calendars

The bronch is officially rescheduled for this coming Tuesday, the 21st.

I'm not sure sure he's ready, because he's still coughing so much, and his lungs are so junky.

I really need to go to medical school so I can make sense of things. Because I have so much time for that.

6 thoughts on “mark your calendars

  1. Not writing the date on my calendar this time, on purpose!
    A whole week on his antibiotics with maybe 60 hours to go and he’ll be all well, of course. (Maybe you can hide him in a basket, so new germies can’t find him?)


  2. I hope everything is well for you all tomorrow, like the planets align, good karma flowing, positive thinking, and all that jazz, so that Ike’s lungs are not junky.


  3. I am the sister of Steven’s friend Shannon Clark Dudley. I have been reading on and off and been hoping and praying for your family. I work at Arkansas Children’s in the PICU and see a lot of what you have written about. I am so sorry for your struggles. Ike is absolutely beautiful and I will keep in my thoughts for his upcoming procedures.


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