Bring it.

things that kind of suck
instead of extra bad suck
this is our focus

The other day, mamalibrarian and I put our heads together (as we are wont to do) and a decision was made: we can be more positive without being all Oprah-Gayley about stuff. Instead of our list of things we're grateful for everyday, we are going to have a list of things that are not good, but could be worse. A begrudging cynic's attempt to be less negatory all the time.

So here is my list of things that suck hairy unmentionables, but don't suck sweaty hairy unmentionables.

1) The bronch is on for tomorrow

2) Ike-a-saurus only has to fast for 6 hours instead of 12.

3) My sore throat and nausea are probably only related to stress and crying jags, not to being actually sick.

4) Same for the headache

5) And the sore neck

7) At 4 am, when I am awake and suctioning Ike, I can watch The Cougar on

8) I discovered a bag of pre-packaged frozen okra in the back of my freezer

9) The meteor that flew over Austin this morning did not hit my house

10) Caprica comes out tomorrow, and even though I won't be watching it, and even though it's not actually BSG, I'll be happy that it exists.

See? Things aren't all THAT bad.



And also, am I Gayle in the scenario, or Oprah?

8 thoughts on “Bring it.

  1. Caprica came today and I just watched it. It’s lovely but creepy. Sometimes you just have to accept the blessings in whatever form they come.


  2. Hmmm… not sure if you are the Gayle or the Oprah but someday you should definitely have your own show 🙂
    We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing/hoping/praying that the doctors find out what is up with Ike’s airway and that is is something easy-peasy to fix.


  3. OK, I will leaning Oprah but w/ a mild Gayle.
    I wish you guys REALLY well tomorrow and hope you get answers. good answers.


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