She’s at it again

logic is not sound
or maybe it is to her
my mystery girl

Tonight, the wee-er one got a gigantic lollipop for dessert. It was totally like one those things that girls with ringlets and pantaloons used to eat in old movies.

She was very excited, of course.

Then, mere minutes after she started eating it, she went into some kind of toddler frenzy and she threw in onto the kitchen floor as hard as she could. It shattered into exactly one billion pieces.

"Why did you do that?" my husband shouted. "Why would you throw your lollipop on the floor like that?"

"I didn't throw it on the floor," the wee-er one answered, and we were flabbergasted. How could she lie just like that? We SAW her throw it on the floor. Which is exactly what my husband said to her.

"We saw you throw it on the floor!"

"I didn't throw it on the floor!"

"We saw you. This means no dessert tomorrow."

"I didn't throw it on the floor! I didn't throw it on the floor!" Then she paused ever so slightly. "I threw it at Sam."

So there you go. She wasn't lying after all.

But she still doesn't get dessert tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “She’s at it again

  1. Haha…sounds like Abby. The wee-er one is 3, right? Or close to it?
    The other day I came home from a playdate with the girls, and she went running up to see her Daddy. He came back later and said, “I didn’t know you were going to the zoo today.” She’d told him about all the animals she’d seen, and how there wasn’t a giraffe there, and on and on…when all we’d really done was go to the park. Another novelist in the making!


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