My pandemic has a first name….

My pandemic has a first name, it's S-W-I-N-E
My pandemic has a second name, it's P-A-N-I-C
I read about it everyday, it's pretty freaky I have to saaaaayyy
Cause porcine panic has a way with mu-tay-tee-ing R-N-A.

In other news, the effed up tooth full of effing trolls throwing ninja stars at my sinuses? Dentist finds nothing. Acts like he's never heard, in the whole wide world, of anyone ever having heat sensitivity in a tooth with no nerves left in it. I was like, "Uh, doc, the interwebs say that my face is going to rot off." He was all, "Probably not. Would you like a z-pack just to be safe?" And I was all, "I guess so." And he was all, "Let me know if it keeps hurting, and we'll send you to an endodontist." And I was all, "A what? Like for my uterine lining?" And he was all, "No."

Then, the lady working at front desk said maybe I have squirrely roots.

So, all in all, a very successful trip to the dentist!

Now it's time for the swine flu zombies to have a look. Bastards are booked through June, though. That's what I get for waiting.

7 thoughts on “My pandemic has a first name….

  1. Hi…are you having really problems with your sinuses? I ask you this because I had the same problem with a root canal and it ended up being that the pain was caused by my sinuses!! Crazy I know!
    Your sinuses can put pressure on the nerves close to your gum and that will make your “root canal” hurt.
    Hope it helps!


  2. My hubby had a similar problem after a root canal, and he ended up getting an MRi and seeing a neurologist. Dr. thinks he has some yet to be determined nerve condition. We are still waiting on some test results but he got a good medication that helped greatly with the pain.


  3. Are you grinding your teeth? A few years back, we were going through an extremely stressful time and I developed an unbearable sensitivity to hot foods, cold foods, acidic foods and sweet foods (which made trying to survive the summer with BBQ and lemonade dreadful). Popped in a night guard and it all went away. Given the year you’ve had, I’d be shocked if you aren’t grinding away.


  4. My endondummy gave me two root canals and had to redo them both. Still not exactly right. Feels a little better but I drool like Gus when he ate the mouse glue trap.


  5. Boo! Boo! Did he tell you you have squirrely roots? Is that genetic? Boo!
    Also, you need a new endodummy, I think.


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