Looks like we are Cincy bound. Need to control the reflux first. More details later, reception is crap here in recovery.

Ike-a-saurus is sleeping and his o2 is not awesome, but that’s not a surprise.

Lots of screaming barfing kids here in recovery. Poor kiddos. It’s unpleasant. 😦

Not sure if we’re staying the night, but it kind of looks that way.

Thanks so much for all the well wishes. We have a hell of a summer ahead of us.

It’s underway, the sequel

They’ve taken him back to the OR.

We should hear something in 30 or 45 minutes. They warned us he may briefly need the vent again, but that it shouldn’t be a big deal. Uh-huh.

I’m eating a zbar and trying to stay calm. It’s scary, but not like last time.

Any wagers on whether we’ll have to spend the night?

Heartstrings? Yanked.

Tonight, before bed, the wee one handed me a piece of paper. It was folded in thirds and when I opened it, it said "$1000 savings bond for Ike." There were wavy lines to look like extra writing – to make it official looking, you know? And on the back he wrote, "Love, Sam."

He told me it was a savings bond to help Ike and that I had better hang on to it.

And the crash you hear is my heart breaking into millions of pieces. But kind of in a good way.

Bring it.

things that kind of suck
instead of extra bad suck
this is our focus

The other day, mamalibrarian and I put our heads together (as we are wont to do) and a decision was made: we can be more positive without being all Oprah-Gayley about stuff. Instead of our list of things we're grateful for everyday, we are going to have a list of things that are not good, but could be worse. A begrudging cynic's attempt to be less negatory all the time.

So here is my list of things that suck hairy unmentionables, but don't suck sweaty hairy unmentionables.

1) The bronch is on for tomorrow

2) Ike-a-saurus only has to fast for 6 hours instead of 12.

3) My sore throat and nausea are probably only related to stress and crying jags, not to being actually sick.

4) Same for the headache

5) And the sore neck

7) At 4 am, when I am awake and suctioning Ike, I can watch The Cougar on tvland.com

8) I discovered a bag of pre-packaged frozen okra in the back of my freezer

9) The meteor that flew over Austin this morning did not hit my house

10) Caprica comes out tomorrow, and even though I won't be watching it, and even though it's not actually BSG, I'll be happy that it exists.

See? Things aren't all THAT bad.



And also, am I Gayle in the scenario, or Oprah?

mark your calendars

The bronch is officially rescheduled for this coming Tuesday, the 21st.

I'm not sure sure he's ready, because he's still coughing so much, and his lungs are so junky.

I really need to go to medical school so I can make sense of things. Because I have so much time for that.

Mad auction props

mamas in action
sheer force of will sustains us
helps us to stay strong

I've talked about the mamas before. They've been taking care of me and family for almost a year now – bringing us meals, helping out with the wee one and the wee-er one, worrying, wishing, praying, cheering, crying, laughing and propping us up emotionally, physically, even financially as of late.

I get kind of emotional thinking about everything they've done for us, so selflessly and for so long. My mamas are proof that it takes a village. It really, really does.

And now they're at it again. They have organized a truly kick ass online auction to help us out. People from all over the world have donated items! A flat in Cambridge for a week, a vacation to Cancun, a stay at a Telluride condo (complete with oxygen bar), wonderful gorgeous crafty things, tutoring, baby stuff, photography, jewelry, and just tons more. It's amazing. Humbling. Wonderful.

There's also going to be a live auction here in Austin, on May 2nd. You can go here to learn more about there wheres and whens. If we can wrangle a nurse to come to the house, maybe my husband and I will get to go, too. Woo!

Also, if you have a hankering to design a t-shirt, the Ike-a-saurus team could use your creative prowess. More about that, here.

I feel a little weird writing about this on my blog because I don't want to seem like we are begging for help. It's still hard for me to admit that we need help at all, even though I know we do. Everyday, my husband and I just shake our heads and stare at each other wide-eyed in disbelief that we are so fortunate to have the community surround us like this. It is an amazing thing, and the mamas need full props.

Please, if you have a chance, visit the auction. Take a look at the amazing things everyone has donated, and the incredible amount of work that has gone into organizing everything. From writing up descriptions, to data entry, to taking photos… everything. The amount of work is staggering.

The work that has gone into the bake sales, and the rummage sale, keeping the Ike-a-saurus website up and running, the facebook group hopping – the sheer amount of energy produced by these women could – and does! – power a city.

It powers a family, too. And we will be forever, deeply, humbly, grateful.