Parenting fail(s)?

making good sense of language
I'm learning so much

This morning, the wee-er one was chatting with her grandma (her mémère).

"You didn't use to be funny, Mémère," she said, as they were joking. "You used to be creepy."


Then, later in the day, the wee-er put on her first bikini. She ran around the house, delighted, but soon decided the top wasn't really worth the hassle.

"I don't want to wear my nipple swimsuit, Mommy," she said. "I only like the panties part."

Totally ready for the French Riviera, this one.

In other news, the wee one got a pair of khaki shorts and some matching flip flops. He was wearing his shorts, flip-flops and no shirt. "Do I look like a native in Africa?" he asked.

"You look like a boy from Texas in the summer," I replied.

This was met with much consternation and a skeptical look.

Clearly, the kids need to get out more.

Or not.

3 thoughts on “Parenting fail(s)?

  1. My child calls my moles nipples, and gets mad if I say “Beep!” when she pushes them. The other day, she said I have milk in my leg. Because there’s a mole er, nipple there.


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