Mother’s Day Haiku!

teeth marks on shoulder
"I bite you instead of kiss!"
painful toddler love

silly putty stretch
from here to there, everywhere
miss my old nipples

don't pull out your hair
no matter what the kids do
will just grow back gray

sleep in the bath tub
copy of Dwell is destroyed
me time so worth it

mastodon, t.rex
my patience at 5pm
things that are extinct

shut up you conscience
maybe I like fart jokes, too
it's fun to be gross

the kitchen counter
piles of bills and magazines
work great as napkins

the panty custom
always wear them in public
important lesson

the penis custom
off limits in shopping cart
important lesson

not something we had planned for
couldn't love him more

mommy-ing challenge
the bad days could be worse days
enjoy this moment

love to fill the world
in tiny widened pupils
staring at my face

tiny baby socks
become bigger stinky ones
still love the feet, though

"I love you, Mommy."
melts my heart every time
even cleaning poop

13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Haiku!

  1. I’m glad you went from funny to mushy. Now I can go back and read the first half so I can stop crying πŸ˜‰ My favorite is the one about things that are extinct. Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. I love this one:
    love to fill the world
    in tiny widened pupils
    staring at my face
    Thanks for all of them and Happy Mother’s Day!


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