The sacrifices we make

a replicator
probably makes better food
than this thing right here

In possibly the biggest sacrifice I have ever made for one of my children, I am eating a Tofutti dairy free "ice cream" sandwich.

If you took the ocean and made ice cream out of it, it might taste like this.

Double electric pumping for almost nine months… unrecognizable nipples… blisters… pain… supply issues… mastitis… all of that didn't make me stop pumping.

Tofutti "ice cream" sandwiches… might just break this camel's back.

10 thoughts on “The sacrifices we make

  1. Rice Dream ice cream is really good, too! I take it you’re dairy free then? I did that for PJ and yeah, it sucked. But I actually didn’t mind the Tofutti sandwiches. They have mint ones, too, and those are pretty good! (And you know what other dessert is non-dairy? Rice Krispie Treats! Yum!)


  2. I’m not a fan of the Rice Dream Ice Cream, but it was better than nothing when I had to do without soy and dairy. The coconut stuff that my kids adore is Nada Moo. I absolutely adored the So Delicious ice cream and sandwiches (I think they made them).


  3. So Delicious! Their Purely Decadent line is amazing! And if you can find Whole Soy & Co. French Vanilla flavor, its what convinced David and I that happy, fulfilled veganism was possible…
    Tofutti makes good cream cheese & sour cream, but their ice cream is seriously meh.


  4. GAH!
    I’m feeling your pain sister! If there’s a prize out there for grace under pressure, you are the queen!


  5. I second Claire’s recommendation of the So Delicious line. It is EXCELLENT. Dunno if you need to avoid nuts, but they have a peanut butter brickle that is super yummy. It’s chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter ribbon and chunky things… mmmmm!


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