Water or vodka?

February, 1982. St. Pete Beach.

Me (age 6), my sister, mom and dad, Mudder and D.

Does the watering can have vodka in it? You be the judge!


Missing Mudder AND the beach today.

Happy, though, that my dad has forsaken the cut off jeans lately.

3 thoughts on “Water or vodka?

  1. After reading your every tweet, I finally come to your website. You were born the year I graduated from college. My mother was named Doris, was two years younger than your grandmother, and looked a good bit like her. My younger sister is, at 46, in her 44th year of chronic illness (brain stuff). We made the pilgrimage from Beaumont to the Houston doctors for years, sometimes weekly. Doctoring is like composing or writing. There are so many ways…Good luck! You are a Suntreader. Keep on!


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