Doris Augusta Holt


Doris Augusta Holt, 1924-2009

Our sweet Mudder.
We miss you so much.

I'm sorry to have missed the funeral today. Mostly sorry about missing the fried chicken at Becky's, though. [This is where I punch her in the shoulder.]

I will continue to forget people's names and steal salt shakers in your memory.

This Corona is for you, Mudder. I hope that wherever you are, you have a plentiful supply.


5 thoughts on “Doris Augusta Holt

  1. do people tell you that you have her eyes? wow. she sounds great and fun. So sorry for your loss. sounds so trite but truly meant.


  2. We missed you,too. It was lovely just like Mudder wanted. Howard had a little stuffed football Mudder had given him and when he hit it and it played the Georgia fight song – like D’s horn. Then he hit it again and it said “Go Dawgs” (I think it was supposed to play the song again.) We cried and laughed met new babies, lots of new babies.


  3. What a beautiful picture of Mudder. Thanks for sharing with us. Thinking about you all and keeping everyone in my prayers.]Love you,


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