Quick trip

tricked out minivan
exhausted mama, daddy
little tiny Ike

This evening, my husband, Ike-a-saurus and I will be driving down to Houston for our appointment tomorrow with the Quasi-Fancy Doc. It's just a consultation, I'm thinking more of an interview-type thing, so that she can hear his background and we can ask her questions. Our awesome pediatrician has warned us that even if we love the doctor, we have to make for damn sure her support staff is worth a toot. It's the support staff that keeps everything OK.

So off we go.

The minivan is tricked out with a power inverter, nebulizer, o2 tanks, an oximeter, emergency trach kit, plus a million other things. In August, we'll have to get all of this stuff on an airplane. Can you imagine?

Hopefully, this trip to Houston is quick and painless. Hopefully we learn something new. I am a bit suspicious that it will just be waste of time. But a three hour drive is a lot closer than Cinci, so it doesn't hurt to know what our "local" options are.

In other news, we have approval for the $4,000 Tobi, and our co-pay is now 0, so we're giving it a whirl. I've been assured that the side effects I read about are mostly with IV tobramycin, and that inhaled Tobi is very well tolerated. I can't help but fear, though, that after a round of Cipro, this stuff in his system is just helping to create the superhero of all nasty bugs. Plus, it commonly makes kids' tracheas bleed. Awesome. So, on record, I am suspicious of the Tobi, too. Very apprehensive.

In other, other news, I think I have poisoned myself with rescue remedy. Is that even possible?

Ah well, it's always fun to start a roadtrip with a hangover…

3 thoughts on “Quick trip

  1. Thinking good thoughts for your trip. Your tricked out minivan sounds a lot cooler than my minivan 🙂
    Man, Minivans and trachs…I think that would be a good name for a band.


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