Now, he is 7.

how does this happen
this growing up so quickly
it makes my head spin

Today, the wee one is 7! How can that be? Seriously. How is this possible that he is already 7?

He is reading chapter books and putting together his own Lego creations, and asking me questions about probe droids and multi-dimensional universes and where babies come from and why I can't spend more time snuggling with him. He is so little and so big.

This time seven years ago I was getting my two hours of sleep for the night. Not yet in active labor, but wondering if something was starting. The wee one gave such a forceful kick, the entire bed moved and I woke up. How my water didn't break is a mystery.

I timed contractions for hours before waking my husband. Then we drove to the hospital. It was a Friday – Memorial Day weekend, I think. My doctor was out of town.

I had a very typical hospital birth with some minor complications. Meconium, vacuum extraction, those kinds of things. And even with that, it was the most beautiful experience. This baby had been born! Out of me! A perfect miniature face and body. An exact replica of my husband, but with my big eyes.

Even 6 weeks after he was born I would have to stop and stare and wonder how such a thing was possible – the making of a baby.

May 31, 2002. So much has happened since then, and yet, I vividly remember the moment he was born. The moment we got in the car as a family of three for the first time. The "Oh shit, now what?!" feeling we had when we got home.

My sweet Sam. 7 years old! How can it be?

4 thoughts on “Now, he is 7.

  1. Happy birthday to Sam.
    Keri, why in the world are you up posting at 12:35 am? You should be getting whatever rest you can. Sorry Houston was such a bummer, but as you said, you are now armed with more information and you can build good questions around it. Ike is adorable, is the child capable of taking a bad picture? I think not. We all love him and pray for only the best for the guy. The grace with which your family (ALL of you) handles this on a daily basis is an inspiration to so many people. So ‘happy birthday’ again to Sam and best wishes and good prayers for the whole family.


  2. Happy Birthday to Sam! I can’t imagine what it must feel like for your first baby to be seven years old. It still freaks me out that mine is four.


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