Epic pear fail

trying out new things
always an exciting time
for better or worse

Last week, we got the go ahead from the GI doc to start trying out solids with Ike-a-saurus. He's ready developmentally, and has been for a while now. We've been holding off, just because he's only 6 1/2 months adjusted, and even when the other two kids were at that age we had just barely started trying solids. Plus, we're so constantly concerned about the amount of calories he gets, we didn't want to fill up his tummy with lower calorie solids, when he really needs the crazy breastmilk/formula/thickened concoction we give him.

So we were excited, but cautious about starting the solids. Adding to the anxiety was the very pessimistic outlook from some OTs that ALL kids with trachs develop oral aversions (really? all of them?) and that we should be prepared. I don't like blanket statements like that, so I wanted to go ahead and get him started to show them what they can do with their blanket statements.

Food number 1: avocado mixed with breastmilk. Success! He didn't make a funny face or anything, he just went for the spoon like he was starving. He took the avocado, swallowed it without gagging or pushing it all out of his mouth, and grabbed for more. No signs of aversions to the texture or taste, though both were admittedly probably pretty close to the taste and texture of his regular milkshakes. Still, though, very encouraging.

Food number 2: pears. Not so successful. I didn't puree them well enough, so they were both chunky AND watery. A bad combo. He made the "bleh what is THIS?" baby face when he tried them, which was super cute. But then he started doing that cough – the one he used to do when he was aspirating. And then he barfed everywhere – including into the trach – and kept up the red-faced, teary-eyed coughing fits for a good ten minutes after eating. EPIC PEAR FAIL. So now we are on a 24-48 hour fever watch to make sure he doesn't develop aspiration pneumonia or an infection from barfing into the trach. I am feeling like both the worst mother in the world and the worst baby food chef in the world.

I am feeling daunted, but trying not to. We'll go back to the avocados for a while, I think. Then maybe try some bananas. I should have known better than to try the fancy fruit right off. We need to stay away from juicy things. Far away.

So our takeaways from all of this? He's ready for solid food. He might need some special preparations of certain foods (like, cereal added to the pears would be OK, I think). And I need to really smash the shit out of the stuff I give him.

Maybe he can just eat avocados all the time.


I don't think he'll mind.

11 thoughts on “Epic pear fail

  1. You might want to try the magic bullet( a plus all parts can go thru the dishwasher) for blending the food, makes every thing a smooth even consintency, we use it for Eric’s g-tube feedings when he is not using stage 2 foods. Forget about the therpists they read all of that in books, You know Ike the best, you do the 24/7 thing


  2. Mixing stuff with breastmilk–that’s brilliant, I can’t believe I haven’t tried that yet with PJ! She’s almost 15 months and still has no interest in solids other than Cheerios, which she only eats 3 or 4 of before signing she’s all done. She pretty much can’t/won’t swallow solids, but maybe if I ease them in with breastmilk concoctions she’ll go for it.
    Avocado has lots of healthy fats–maybe it’ll help in the weight gain department!


  3. yay for solid foods! we all live and learn from trial and error… just try and focus on the positive. Yay for avocado success!


  4. Yay for avocado success (very dense in calories and in healthy fat, avocados!) and, mainly, for the lack of oral aversion. That seems like the major development and a wonderful one. The most calorie-dense things I’ve found for my healthy but very skinny 11-month-old, besides bananas, are Yobaby yogurt (which also may help normalize intestinal flora) and (possibly when he’s a bit older) full-fat cottage cheese, which you can puree in a food processor.


  5. Sorry about the pear fail, but I’m with Ike on this one. Just eat avocados, little dude. You’ll have beautiful shiny hair, and glowing skin, and avocados taste awesome. I would live on chips and guacamole if I could.


  6. Cook the pears first. It will make them smoother and sweeter. Also good for apples, peaches and bananas.
    Also, the Sprout brand babyfood is all organic, really smooth and actually tastes good.


  7. Not a bad choice, Ike. I always said if I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be avocados. Also, I have heard of a lot of different guac recipes, but I don’t know anyone else who uses breastmilk. Very inspirational.


  8. Just my opinion, totally take it or leave it!
    I would stick with the commercial baby foods, Stage 1, for now. No matter how careful you are at home, the commercial ones are much more consistent in texture. Even if you mix a little cereal in, they are more consistent in texture and taste than homemade. I have kids that were gaggers at first, and while they eventually did fine, making my own baby food did not go over well!


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