The first rule of summer: do not talk about summer

his first broken bone
does a nose count as a bone?
healthy summer fun

The wee one got walloped in the face today by a big piece of wood – the seat on a rope swing. A good lesson on perimeters and physics. Can you ask more of Tinkering camp? I think not.

He was apparently not too bothered by it, cleaning the wounds by himself, refusing the band-aid, not crying, and eager to get back outside and play after the triage.

Once he came home we made him clean it again with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water (mean!). Then I dragged him to the doctor because I didn't like hearing that his "eyeball hurt."

The doc said his eyeball was fine, though there's a cut on his eyelid which is kind of scary. (No stitches. Yay!) But when the highly technical "here, kid, see if you can use one nostril to air out this kleenex in front of your face" test was administered, the doc was all, "Hmmm. This nose might be broken."

So we'll keep an eye on it and if he can't pass the kleenex test again in a week or so we may take him over to Ike-a-saurus' ENT. I don't anticipate any problems, though. It really doesn't look that bad – not a lot of swelling or anything.

We are highly highly anticipating the shiner in the morning. He is going to be quite disappointed if it doesn't materialize.

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6 thoughts on “The first rule of summer: do not talk about summer

  1. I had more black eyes and stitches and broken things than I want to remember, but it was all about being an All-American boy. Can’t have fun without a stitch or two…


  2. I got a broken nose in gymnastics when I was 10. TWO black eyes resulted, and my nose was so swollen that my glasses rested way up high on the bump of it. I begged and pleaded to stay home from school, but my Dad made me go. What a meanie.
    My friend’s son broke his foot at tinkering camp last year. I think breaking body parts is part of the curriculum there.


  3. Fight Club…so enjoyed that movie. Bummer about the wee one’s nose. That’s a tough bunch of cookies you have in that family.


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