omg! omg! omg!

it's that time of year!
prevalent, smoldering cheese
oozing in HD

Sunday night! 8pm CST! First two hours of an ABC miniseries! The Moon is going to crash into the Earth!

Or is it?! [please click here for a moment to emphasize the drama of this situation.]

Thank goodness we have David James Elliott (who?) and Natasha Henstridge to use their names that sound famous to walk us through the plot of Impact: a 4 hour miniseries brought to us by the lovelies at ABC!

And in a dose of actual famousness, James Cromwell (he of Babe the Pig!) makes an appearance to lend some dramatic gravity (so to speak) to this picture made for television.

Can you tell how excited I am about this? I promise, dear friends, to do my best to live blog as much as possible, even though on NBC at the exact same time is a new show about a hott young Merlin intent to practice magic in an undercover type setting, manservanting for an also hott Prince Arthur. Can you sense the homoeroticism? Well, CAN YOU?

I can see my TiVo quivering in anticipation for Sunday night. I know you all are, too. I sure am.

Famous Sounding Names vs Hott Merlin = I better hit up the HEB for some quality snack food.

Sunday night is BRINGING IT.

10 thoughts on “omg! omg! omg!

  1. why did when I first read that I thought you put Merlin intent to practice magic in his ‘underwear’. where is MY brain?… not on a boat obviously…


  2. Let me guess….the moon will hit earth due to an unforeseen consequence of “global warming” that was created by evil white men. The movie will take shots at Republicans, capitalism, our freedoms, and the message will be that we must, must stop “global warming” before it’s too late. And death to all rich white men, who are the cause to every problem this “fragile” earth is saddled with. That’ll do, pig.


  3. I cannot believe that you have inserted (who?) after the name of David James Elliott. You must have been hiding or living under a rock to not know who he is. He was the star of the 10 season show “JAG” and also starred in “Close To Home”. You have obviously not been watching very much TV.


  4. I have been having a big “terrible bad-acting disaster movie” craving (I love them so), which was temporarily sated by watching “The Day After Tomorrow” last night.
    Sunday night is so on.


  5. I am choosing to believe that last comment up there is aimed at the TC, because everyone is out to get him.
    Either that or Natasha Henstridge is reading my blog now. Hot damn!


  6. Where have you been for the last 15 years? David James Elliott was the star of JAG for 10 years (95/05), Close to Home, guest starred on Seinfeld, Medium, Melrose Place, Knots Landing, and much more, starred in TV Movies Degree of Guilt, the Man Who Lost Himself, Love Sick: Diary of a Sex Addict, Knights of Bloodsteel, Impact, the Storm (NBC July 26/Aug2), The Rainbow Tribe and more. What an actor and gorgeous man, family man.


  7. It’s like I’ve entered an alternate universe. I didn’t even realize that any networks outside of Lifetime still made TV movies.


  8. Shit I missed the firestorm. If any one cares I don’t even know who David James Elliot is and never watched a single episode of JAG. Boo-yaa!


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