Go find it!

I’ll give a signed jacket to the first two people who email me a picture of the book in the wild.

Bookstore! In your hand coming home from the bookstore! In your kid’s hand. On the bathroom sink. Anywhere.

Grasshrinker at gmail dot com.


4 thoughts on “Go find it!

  1. Hey that’s totally what I was going to do! Except the giving the signed jacket part. That might be strange coming from me.


  2. So bummed! B&N didn’t have it in yet, but it was “showing up to the warehouse” soon. I ordered 3 copies. Can’t wait to get them.


  3. ok, it is on order at the BN arboretum to come in either tomorrow(Friday) or Monday. and not ordered per my request. Already ordered as in the store is ready to stock it. YEA! I looked over her shoulder and it looked like five copies? that part isn’t for sure.


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