Dinner recipe for 107-degree day

1 bottle of pink wine (screw top optional)
1 can of Sprite
1 lemon and/or lime, quartered
1 giant plastic Whataburger cup

Unscrew wine, let it breathe. Slice lemon or lime, or just forget that part because it's too hot to chop things. Put a bunch of ice into your Whataburger cup. Pour wine over ice. Pour Sprite over wine. Hold cold cup to blazing hot face. Drink. Repeat. Note: sometimes the cup is too big and heavy to lift on such a hot day, so an extra long straw is required.

4 thoughts on “Dinner recipe for 107-degree day

  1. It has been recommended to me that I should add Titos to my watermelon popsicles. And maybe some vegan gelatin, since alcohol won’t freeze, but I’m willing to give it a shot…*snort* a shot. I crack myself up.


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