It’s happened again…

Another mama accosted over feeding her baby in public. Unbelievable.

Here's the letter I just sent to the McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels, TX, where some friends of mine had a bit of a time yesterday…

To whom it may concern,

You may want to avert your eyes because my boobs are writing this letter.

No matter how much I try to calm them down, they're pretty indignant.
They don't like the way my friend Jodi was treated at your museum
yesterday. They are not fans of boobie timeout rooms. They ARE fans of
feeding babies when babies get hungry, though, no matter when or where
that happens to be.

The boobies writing this letter are wondering – as boobies are wont to
do – why museum staff would want to cater to grouchy looky-loos
instead of babies – their true patrons. The boobies also want to point
out that when a baby is nursing, his or her little melon head (so to
speak) covers up more of the breast that a swimsuit would. Or a summer
dress. Does your museum also have a summer dress timeout room?

In fact, the boobies are wondering if maybe there is a grouch timeout
room? That way, when someone in the museum who has a grouchy face and
a complain-y demeanor decides that a baby can't eat in front of them,
perhaps the baby could suggest that that person go rest up in the
grouch timeout room.

Also, is there a noisy children timeout room? Noisy children can be so
annoying. Especially at a Children's museum. What about a
too-many-questions timeout room? The boobies are very familiar with
how older children will sometimes never stop asking questions. Maybe
they could be sequestered away, too, so that everyone can have an
undisturbed museum experience.

The boobies see a problem here, though, and maybe you do too. Timeout
rooms are not interactive museum rooms, are they? And if everyone who
complains about something can request someone be put in a room off to
the side, soon there will be no one left to enjoy the museum. That
seems to kind of defy the point of having a Children's museum at all,
doesn't it?

I am afraid that yesterday, when Jodi, Amy and Marcella were chastised
and embarrassed for nursing their babies, you guys unleashed a power
upon yourselves that you are not fully aware of. The power of the
Mamas. This power is large, protective, nurturing… hey! Just like a
big ol' breast, huh?

And the big ol' breast is descending upon you right now.

Maybe you should go hide in a timeout room.

Concerned Mother

PS. While you're in the timeout room, maybe you could craft a public
statement announcing that the museum supports breastfeeding women –
and the law. You could also consider consulting with Dave Fendrick,
the General Manager of the Round Rock Express. He weathered an
incident similar to this one with extreme grace under pressure. The
mamas love him now. All 1700+ of us, and all of our 3400 breasts.

10 thoughts on “It’s happened again…

  1. Fantastic letter. I will happily pile on and send my own letter. What BS. What’s wrong with those boobs? And on that note, it’s time to pump.


  2. Power to the boobies! I can’t believe it – a child’s museum of all places. Just wait – they have no idea of the firestorm coming their way…


  3. In case anyone is interested:
    It has come to my attention that your museum staff accosted and denied the right to breastfeed ANYWHERE to 3 breastfeeding mothers and their hungry babies at your CHILDREN’S museum yesterday. Surely this must be some mistake as I can’t imagine a staffers breaking the law by taking such action. Aside from that pesky law issue, aren’t children kind of like the bread and butter, or shall we say breastmilk, of your CHILDREN’S museum? It was a poor choice to poke the bear. Certainly you have no idea the creature you have just roused.
    Next week I will be taking my 6 cousins visiting from Ireland as well as my 2 nieces from Dallas as well as my 2 children to the New Braunfels area. Ooops, my son is 8 months old and is breastfeeding. The horror, I know, how unnatural. I guess we will not be visiting your museum since you cannot be bothered to follow the LAW. No need to purchase 10 childrens tickets, 9 adult tickets or any of the fun things we may have found in your gift shop…not to mention all the grub the 18 non-breastfeeding members of my party would have enjoyed in your cafe. Sound legal decision. Sound business decision. Kudos to the impeccable staff training.
    Do the right thing McKenna CHILDREN’S Museum. Legally and morally.
    Yet Another Concerned Mother


  4. Great letter! I hope to hear the response from them.
    I still can’t believe that people get all wiggly when mothers nurse their babies in public. Gasp!


  5. Like others have already said, I cannot believe a children’s museum, of all place, would do something like this. Wow. Just, wow. And great letters in response to their ill-conceived response.


  6. I just called and they said it was an isolated incident that they regret. That according to Texas law, breastfeeding is allowed anywhere in the museum.


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