And it all comes down to this

Tomorrow morning at 11 am EST, Ike-a-saurus will undergo a double bronchoscopy (rigid bronch for his airway and flexible bronch for his lungs), and an endoscopy. They will take biopsies of his esophagus, stomach and duodenum. Then they will place a pH probe through his nose and into his throat to measure the acidity of his reflux for 24 hours. This is all to see how healthy he is, and what surprises may be lurking to impede any kind of future reconstructive surgery on his airway. Not fun, any of it, but very necessary to move forward.

He did well for his high res CT today – waking up from the gas very unhappy, but soothed quickly with some snuggles and food. The scan showed some lung damage we weren't expecting. We won't know the extent until after the bronch tomorrow, and maybe not until next week.

It's been a very long day, and tomorrow will be longer. However, we met several families with children who have had trachs but don't anymore thanks to the same team of doctors we have. I know everyone's case is intricately different, but it's encouraging to meet people who have been through what we are going through, and who now have happy little guys with naked necks.

Tomorrow is a big day.

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