the food is better

Last night, in the hospital, we ordered room service from the cafeteria. That's what I always do at Dell, and the food is tolerable. Here, though, it really was pretty good. Possibly my view is skewed by the fact that I didn't actually eat any food at all for the entire day until about 8 pm. But even so. Hummus and veggies? Yum! Fried chicken legs? Yum! Big fat chocolate brownie? Yum!

We still have not made it out to the famed Skyline chili. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow is our tourist day. Admittedly, being touristy with 6500 pounds of trach gear doesn't sound super fun… and yet, we have to get out of this hotel room. It will be fun to check out the city. Too bad there's not a ballgame.

On the other hand, my husband and I might just take turns sleeping all day tomorrow. Right now, that sounds more appealing than spaghetti with chili on top of it OR baseball.

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