Dun dun duuuuuuun

a suspenseful week
waiting by phone like school girl
feeling powerless

Here is a list of things that are ordinarily suspenseful, but WAY less suspenseful when compared to waiting for your baby's team of doctors to call you after they have had an afternoon long meeting to have a "very serious discussion" about him – a "very serious discussion" that will include creating some kind of plan of action that may or may not make you go crazy.

1) the finale of So You Think You Can Dance

2) waiting for two small people to admit which one of them made the purple stain on the carpet

3) reading the Da Vinci Code

4) deciding whether to admit you enjoyed reading the Da Vinci Code. For the second time.

5) waiting until the last possible second to remove your burrito from the microwave before it explodes

6) reading The Monster at the End of This Book with a three-year-old

7) digging through the vegetable bin in the fridge after you've been away for 11 days

8) logging in to the City of Austin Utilities website to see your August electric bill

9) waiting for the OB/GYN to call you back when you leave a message with the words "painful lump"

10) election night

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